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CoverSheets for Shane 2018B

Some CoverSheets may not appear on the schedule.
CoverSheets with ToO proposals and their awards are indicated.
For reference see Lick ToO Policy

See here for the procedure to invoke a ToO

CoverSheet 2018B_S000 PI Joshua Tollefson
CoverSheet 2018B_S001 PI Gaspard Duchene
CoverSheet 2018B_S002 PI Gaspard Duchene
CoverSheet 2018B_S003 PI Alex Filippenko
CoverSheet 2018B_S004 PI Matthew Malkan
CoverSheet 2018B_S005 PI Paul Robertson
CoverSheet 2018B_S006 PI Bruce Margon
CoverSheet 2018B_S007 PI Richard Puetter
CoverSheet 2018B_S008 PI Courtney Dressing
CoverSheet 2018B_S009 PI S. Mark Ammons
CoverSheet 2018B_S010 PI Weikang Zheng
CoverSheet 2018B_S011 PI Carl Melis
CoverSheet 2018B_S012 PI Richard Puetter
CoverSheet 2018B_S013 PI Ryan Foley is a ToO proposal awarded 6 interrupts
CoverSheet 2018B_S014 PI Stefano Valenti is a ToO proposal awarded 10 interrupts
CoverSheet 2018B_S015 PI James Graham
CoverSheet 2018B_S016 PI R. Michael Rich
CoverSheet 2018B_S017 PI R. Michael Rich
CoverSheet 2018B_S018 PI Katherine Suess
CoverSheet 2018B_S019 PI Brooke Simmons
CoverSheet 2018B_S020 PI James Graham
CoverSheet 2018B_S021 PI Kyle Crabtree
CoverSheet 2018B_S022 PI Marie Wingyee Lau
CoverSheet 2018B_S023 PI Elinor Gates
CoverSheet 2018B_S024 PI Jong-Hak Woo
CoverSheet 2018B_S027 PI Elinor Gates